Community Larder

Everyone is welcome to come and collect items from our community larder. Just pop in with your bag.  There is no need to register.

Open Tuesdays 2pm – 4pm and Thursdays 9.30am-11.30am.  If you cant make it there is a selection of food left in the summer house for people to pick up when they can.  Need more please get in touch

Things we have are at the top of this page. If you would like any of the items listed please phone us: 01749 841493 or  01749 840181. Prefer to txt: 07960295425

or get in touch via our contact page below.

Items we would like is at the bottom

Items we have available:

Item Item Item
Tuna Chunks in Brine Sugar Minced Beef & Peas
Tea Bags Baked Beans
Mushy Peas Beef Bolognaise in a tin
Butter Beans Corn Flakes Chicken Curry
Green Peas Bolognaise Sauce Jar
Chopped Tomatoes Wheatabix Chickpea Curry
Red kidney beans Porridge Oats  
Dry Pasta Kellogs Krave Pringles
Rice Packs Ringo’s
Long Grain Rice Cooking Oil Fish n Chips Crisps
Noodles Choc Bourbon Crms Poppy’s Ketchup Crisps
Highland Broth Soup Lemonade Frozen Food
Tomato Soup CoCola Cottage Pie with mixed Veg. Family
Chicken Soup
1.5 kg bag Potatoes Quorn Mixed Beans & Veg (1)
Tin Peach Slices 7.5kg Bag Potatoes Chicken & Veg Pasta Bake, Gluten free (1)
Custard Spaghetti Bolognese (2)
Tinned Fruit Chicken Gravy Gran Sausages, Savoury Potato & Veg (2)
Cocoa Nut Milk Minced Beef & Veg (2)
Bread Flour Meatballs with creamy Tom sauce (2)
Fray Bentos Cheese Pie
Pickled Onions Fray Bentos Beef Pie UHT Milk

Things we would love to receive:


Toilet Paper,  Tooth Brush, Tooth Paste


Shampoo, Conditioner, Deodorant, Shower Gel, Body Lotion, Hair Mouse, Hair Gel, Soap,.

Household Cleaning Products:

Shower Spray, Surface Cleaner, Floor Cleaner, Furniture Polish.

New Underwear:

Socks, Pants & Knickers, Bra’s, Crop Tops

Send us a donation to help support this project:

Bank Account No: 00945134

Sort Code: 30-99-29

Name: Stoke St Michael War Memorial Fund….it is a business account.

Reference: Food Bank

Send us mail

Parcels delivered:    45

Parcels collected:     60

Senior Residents Christmas Hampers:  62

Donations received £115.00.

£25 spent on travel expenses to collect food

£40 spent on non food COVID safe items

£20 spent on Christmas Treats