Stoke St Michael War Memorial Hall

To help spread some Christmas Cheer and support in our community on the 21st & 22nd of December the village hall committee packed up over 50 Christmas Hampers and distributed them to the known senior residents of the village and nominated single habitants.  A note of good wishes enclosed.

Although we got very wet we enjoyed seeing the smiles on peoples faces, which at times turned to tears as they realised that Tesco’s had not got the wrong house but that it was a gift for them to enjoy made it very worthwhile for those involved.

Most of the items had come via the Community Larder and a donation from Wainwrights.  The community larder has now been running for a number of weeks and will continue to be accessible over Christmas and the coming new year with food pick up areas made accessible to all.  Please go tom our dedicated page.

Some of the committee members who helped to deliver the Christmas Hampers around the village and are here to help in the Community Larder.

COVID Update

The hall still remains closed due to COVID but during this quiet period we are refurbishing the interior and hope to present a refreshed hall in 2021.

Meanwhile our books and puzzles are rotating well and are much used by many.

Outside we are in the throws of creating a food bank for the community and things are progressing well.  We are gladly receiving items to redistribute to others.

We have had some enquiries from residents who are enjoying our book/puzzle rotation service about making a donation for the books and puzzles.  Such a kind gesture.

These items have been given to us and this allows us to provide this wonderful service free to all those who need it.  Knowing there is a need for such things has inspired us to go further and we are now setting up a food / produce bank in the hall.  A lot of the items we will have available are also being given to us but there will be small costs to some to retrieve such items and not all things that may be needed can be obtained through donations.

We have agreed that to help people donate money at times when they feel the need we are making our grants bank account available to allow this to happen. The funds will be set aside to support the food bank and accounted for through the hall’s account which is audited annually.

This Bank Account is called:

Number: 00945134

Sort Code: 30-99-29

We are a business account.

Please enter the reference: Food Bank











We are have nearly completed the grant from Mendip Hills AON

At the back of the hall there was an area of waste land that had grown out of control and gone wild.

The steps leading up to the plastic storage shed need rebuilding because they fell short of building regulations. The back boundary wall had a tree growing out of it and many loose stones.

We have used the grant to improve and enhance the ground, creating an outside social area fo all to enjoy.  We have also create an area for the butterfly’s, bumble bees and nesting hedge sparrow which can be enjoyed by all.

To protect the area and keep our toddlergroup and young people at a safe distance we have put up railings and soon a gate will be in place to secure the area and making it a safe zone.

Wainwrights have tarmacked the area and made it easier to clean and more usable for pushchairs and wheelchairs.

We were also fortunate enough to obtain a small grant from The Mendip Society for a corner summer house which we look forward to making full use in the warmer months and the toddler group are looking forward to making use of their outside classroom.

The fish in the new fish pong are thriving well and our young residents enjoy looking out for them.

The Men In Sheds have done a great job making us planters and gate is soon to go across the disabled ramp to make the outside area even more secure for our young people.

Benches have also been bought and plaques will be in place soon.


The Red Door Cinema

Has been reborn with a large screen now in place at the rear of the hall and all round sound in place.  20 very comfortable new chairs have been purchased and the first film show took place in December.

We are looking forward to watching more films and are planning a young persons matinee film show in 2020.


Forth coming films


Our red plastic chairs are still doing well and if more than 20 people come to watch then cushions will be      needed.

First 20 Tickets bought early get the blue chairs.

£5 per ticket


The refurbishment of the cinema and the purchase of the new fridge in bar has only been possible with the help of a grant from

Somerset Community Grants