Stoke St Michael War Memorial Hall

The hall is closed for large group gatherings until after April 20th .

The following events wont take place.

Lent Lunch March 27th & Apr 3rd.

Bingo Monday March 23rd, April 6th

Film night, Apr 3rd

Senior Res Meal, Apr 4th

Mendip Belles, Apr 7th

Hot Cross Buns Apr 11th

Our planned cream teas afternoon April 18th.

Planned events for the 75th VE Day weekend are likely to change and celebrations postponed. We will keep you posted.


Do you need support

Are you being looked after or do you need support during this temporary period of isolation? The community group have an army of residents who are available and willing to help. Just let your needs be known.

There is a face book page

Don’t run out of things to do

The hall has books, puzzles, knitting wool and some crafty things to share. Just give me a ring to make arrangements to swop, drop off or pick up.

email: or visit

or speak to Teresa 01749 8404272 or 07710509786.

If you are gardening and have plants to split, having a tidy up in doors and may have things we can turn into crafty projects then please have a chat.                           Let’s keep busy and safe










We are have nearly completed the grant from Mendip Hills AON

At the back of the hall there was an area of waste land that had grown out of control and gone wild.

The steps leading up to the plastic storage shed need rebuilding because they fell short of building regulations. The back boundary wall had a tree growing out of it and many loose stones.

We have used the grant to improve and enhance the ground, creating an outside social area fo all to enjoy.  We have also create an area for the butterfly’s, bumble bees and nesting hedge sparrow which can be enjoyed by all.

To protect the area and keep our toddlergroup and young people at a safe distance we have put up railings and soon a gate will be in place to secure the area and making it a safe zone.

Wainwrights have tarmacked the area and made it easier to clean and more usable for pushchairs and wheelchairs.

We were also fortunate enough to obtain a small grant from The Mendip Society for a corner summer house which we look forward to making full use in the warmer months and the toddler group are looking forward to making use of their outside classroom.

The fish in the new fish pong are thriving well and our young residents enjoy looking out for them.

The Men In Sheds have done a great job making us planters and gate is soon to go across the disabled ramp to make the outside area even more secure for our young people.

Benches have also been bought and plaques will be in place soon.


The Red Door Cinema

Has been reborn with a large screen now in place at the rear of the hall and all round sound in place.  20 very comfortable new chairs have been purchased and the first film show took place in December.

We are looking forward to watching more films and are planning a young persons matinee film show in 2020.


Forth coming films


Our red plastic chairs are still doing well and if more than 20 people come to watch then cushions will be      needed.

First 20 Tickets bought early get the blue chairs.

£5 per ticket


The refurbishment of the cinema and the purchase of the new fridge in bar has only been possible with the help of a grant from

Somerset Community Grants