Stoke St Michael War Memorial Hall

Standard Conditions of Hire

1 Introduction

1.1 The Stoke St Michael War Memorial Hall (SSMWMH) warmly welcomes hirers and their guests. Please read through these terms and conditions and contact us if you have any queries.

1.2 The following terms are used in this document:

  • Hall: The premises to be known as Stoke St Michael War Memorial Hall (SSMWMH)
  • Hirer: The person or group who are entering into an agreement for use of the hall.

1.3 The hirer is required to be at least 18 years of age.

1.4 Hirers and their guests are required to treat all users and staff with respect.

1.5 Appointed representatives of the hiring organisation or The Hirer (or any other person authorised in writing to the SSMWMH by the Hirer) must be present at all times during the hire period.

1.6 There are some parking facilities available to Hirers or their guests at the back of the hall and at the discretion of the publican of the Knatchbull Arms.   The Hirer must ensure their guests do not park inconsiderately.

1.7 The Hirer should allow SSMWMH staff access to the premises during the period of hire for specific purposes. ensuring that this is in accordance with, and not in violation of the Hirer’s safeguarding policy.

2 Facilities

2.1 There are separate male and female toilets which are available to the PCC and their guests along with a toilet/change facilities for less able users.

2.3 Inventory of tables and chairs:

  • Total of 80 chairs. We ask that where possible the red plastic chairs are used when crafty activities are taking place.  The blue padded chairs are considered more comfortable for sitting for long periods, please consider this when using. There are 40 red plastic, 40 padded blue.
  • Total of 23 Tables: There are 10 small and 13 large plastic tables available for use. Please ensure they are wiped down after use.

The hirer shall ensure all tables and chairs are returned back to the places they were taken from in the ante room after use.  This is very important for subsequent users

2.4 A small kitchen, accessible from the main hall, is available and fully equipped for general use.

  • During your hire please use your own tea towels to wipe dry and crockery/cutlery used.
  • Remove any waste generated during your hire and replace used bin liners when used.

2.5 The Hirer shall not use the premises for any purpose other than for the Permitted Use and shall not sub-hire or use the Premises or allow the Premises to be used for any unlawful purpose or in any unlawful way nor do anything or bring onto the Premises anything which may endanger the same or render invalid any insurance policies.

3 Booking

3.1 The hire is granted based on the details provided by the hirer at the time of booking.

3.2 In the event of any variation of use by the hirer or failure to comply with the requirements of full disclosure, the SSMWMH reserves the right to cancel the booking.

3.3 The SSMWMH may, if it deems necessary, request additional information from the hirer.

3.4 All bookings must be paid for in advance of use, unless otherwise agreed at the time of booking.

4 Hire Charge

4.1 Hire charge will be agreed annually and fixed for the duration of the agreed dates booked.

4.2 The SSMWMH committee have agreed to waive the deposit for public organisations in lieu of an undertaking for the hirer to reimburse the SSMWMH for any penalties that become due as detailed below.

4.3 The hirer will be charged separately for:

  • Loss or damage to property or contents by agreement.
  • Excessively exceeding the exit time as agreed on the booking form.

5 Cancellations

5.1 The SSMWMH reserves the right to cancel bookings if the hall is rendered unfit for the intended use.

5.2 The hirer can swap or change any agreed hire date with the SSMWMH prior to hire having given a reasonable notice period from the hire date.

5.3 Cancellations or terminations will only be accepted in writing and deemed effective upon receipt by the SSMWMH.

6 Damages, Decorations & Advertising

6.1 The hirer shall ensure nails, screws or other fixings are not driven into the walls or floors or into any furniture or fittings or permit to be done anything likely to cause damage to the building or any furniture or fittings.

6.2 The hirer shall repay to the SSMWMH, the agreed cost of reinstating or replacing any part of the premises or any property, whatsoever, which is damaged, destroyed, stolen or removed during the period of hiring.

6.3 No bunting, signs, posters, banners or similar shall be attached to any wall or other part of the building without the approval of the SSMWMH.

6.4 Where permission has been granted for attaching signage, it should be fixed in the manner allowed by the SSMWMH and removed at the end of the hire period.

6.5 Due to the damage that may be caused, accidentally or otherwise.  It is not permitted to play at any time:

  • large hard ball sporting games such as football, basketball, volleyball or similar
  • bat hitting hard ball sports such as tennis, baseball, rounders or similar

7 Equipment & Electrical Installations

7.1 All electrical equipment brought into the building shall comply with the Electricity at Work Regulations, 1989. The SSMWMH disclaims all responsibility for all claims and costs arising out of such equipment that does not so comply.

7.2 The hirer shall not alter, disconnect, or in any way interfere with the electrical equipment installed in the hall.

7.3 The hirer shall not install any “bouncy castle” or similar equipment inside the centre without discussing with the SSMWMH before-hand to ensure compliance with our Bouncy Castle rules as per website.

7.4 The SSMWMH shall not be liable for any loss or damage to equipment brought in by the hirer or their guests.

7.5 Use of the large screen, projector and connected speakers are permittable at any time during the hire period. These items and those associated with them must be treated with care and any issues or damage must be reported to SSMWMH after the hire session they occurred.

8 Food & Alcohol

8.1 The Hirer agrees to comply with food hygiene laws where food is being prepared for service to the public. No food is to be stored in the hall.

8.2 No food is to be cooked on a barbecue or any kind of cooking device outside of the building. All food preparation must be undertaken in the kitchen area.

  • The service and/or sale of alcohol is strictly prohibited.

9 Entertainment and Noise Levels

  • The playing of music or other entertainment shall be restricted to the inside of the building.
  • The Hirer shall ensure that nothing is done on or in relation to the Premises in contravention of the law relating to gaming betting and lotteries.

9.3 The hirer is responsible for ensuring that their noise levels do not disturb other activities within the building or disturb local residents.

9.4 The Hirer shall also pay attention to the maximum numbers permitted under the conditions of the Public Entertainments Licence:-

  1. 175 when used for dancing.
  2. 97  when seating is provided.
  3. 117 when used for dancing and seating is also provided at tables.
  4. 200 when used for a closely seated audience

10 Cleaning

10.1 At the completion of the hirer’s activity all floors must be swept; tables, chairs and other furniture placed in their original positions and all areas left in a clean and tidy state.

10.2 The hirer will ensure that any breakages of glass or spillage of food or drink are cleaned up immediately.

10.3 Any property or goods belonging to the hirer remaining in the facility after the termination of the booking period may be disposed of at the discretion of the SSMWMH.

11 Health & Safety

11.1 The hirers, guests and members of the public are obliged at all times to fully comply with the standard hall users guides as notified by SSMWMH.

11.2 It is illegal to smoke anywhere in the building.

11.3 No candles or incense sticks may be used in the building.

11.4 Fire exits must be kept clear at all times.

11.5 Fire apparatus must not be interfered with except as necessary in the cause of fighting a fire.

12 Safeguarding

12.1 The hirer is fully responsible for safeguarding of children (under the age of 18) and vulnerable adults where the parent or guardian of the child is not present during the hire.

12.2 The hirer must have safeguarding policies that govern their organisation and ensure they adhere to those policies at all times.

13 Insurance

The hirer should consider obtaining their own public liability insurance to adequately cover all liabilities for the purpose of their booking.  The hall’s own insurance cover has limited cover and it is not to be assumed that all circumstances or eventualities will be covered.

If you are a company or political organisation you will need to provide the policy number of your current certificate with this booking.

14 Indemnity

14.1 The hirer agrees to accept full responsibility and indemnify and keep indemnified the SSMWMH against any action, claim or demand whatsoever which arises or may arise as a result of the hire.

14.2 The hirer agrees to accept full responsibility and indemnifies the SSMWMH for the loss, damage or theft of any equipment, property or personal belongings.

14.3 The hirer fully indemnifies the SSMWMH of all responsibility for any safeguarding issues which arise during the hire – except in the unlikely event that SSMWMH should be found to be culpable.

15 Termination

15.1 The SSMWMH reserves the right to terminate any hiring in the event of any behaviour or action which is unlawful or damaging to the Centre or its members. If such termination takes place, the hirer will forfeit the fees paid.

15.2 If for reasons beyond the control of the SSMWMH (the SSMWMH having used all reasonable endeavours to avoid the same) it is necessary for the SSMWMH to close all or part of the building or cancel the booking, the SSMWMH may (without prejudice to the rights and remedies of either party in respect of any prior breach by the other) terminate this agreement upon reasonable prior notice (which shall be no less than 48 hours save in the case of emergency when as much notice as is reasonably possible will be given)

15.3 The SSMWMH shall, unless there has been a breach of any of the conditions of this Agreement, return the due proportion of the amount paid for the use of the hall but the hirer and other persons attending the booking shall have no further claim whatsoever against the SSMWMH in respect of such termination of the Agreement. See also section 5.

16 Emergency Procedures

16.1 If the fire alarm is sounded, everyone should leave the building immediately by the nearest fire exit/routes highlighted. No one should return to the hall.

16.2 In the event of a fire, the emergency services shall be informed by calling 999.

17 Responsibility

17.1 The Management Committee of the organisation referred to in the hiring application shall be jointly and severally liable with the hirer for complying with this agreement.

17.2 The hirer is responsible for notifying the SSMWMH of any changes to its policies which may affect the hire of the hall in any way.

17.3 Access to the hall is gained through the granting of a key code for the front door. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure this code is not shared with or used by any members of the public for any purpose.

17.4 The Hirer shall be responsible for the leaving the Premises and surrounding area in a clean and tidy condition.

17.5 The Hirer shall at the end of the hire ensure that the building is secure with all doors and windows closed, locked and all lights turned off.